We’ve rounded up a few products you might have forgotten about or maybe never even knew about that will help you keep your ski game right this summer. From sore legs to dinged up skis, WakeHouse has the gear you need to keep you in tip top shape this summer.

Spray Maker

What’s a “Spraymaker” and why do I want one? Well firstly, you don’t want one, you need one. Secondly, the Spraymaker is the perfect way to take a good day waterskiing and make it great. Quickly toss this on the back of your ski and see who can throw the biggest rooster tail on the boat. You’re sure to turn heads all over the lake with the Spraymaker.

Spray Legs

We’ve all been there: that burning feeling on the back of the leg after a good hard set. You’re not alone. That spray from hard cuts can be killer on your calf. Keep the pain in check with a spray leg. Slip this neoprene sleeve on your back leg before you start skiing, and you’ll be a happy camper.

Palm Protectors

There’s no beating around it, water skiing can really take a toll on your hands. A little extra protection under you gloves goes a long way. If you are continually breaking your callouses or just looking for a little extra padding, grab a set of palm protectors to ease the pain.

Deep V-Handle

If you struggle to get up on a slalom water ski or looking to help get others up easier, a Deep-V water ski handle will be a great addition to your gear. The long bridle helps keep your ski tip in place as you get pulled up to help fight bad positioning

Wing Angle Gauge

If you’re looking to really dial in your ski, adjusting your fin can be a daunting task. Having the proper tools goes a long way. The angle of your fin wing can make a huge difference in your turning. Use an angle gauge kit to get a precise, repeatable position on your wing.

Water Ski Bag

You love your water ski. Keep it safe moving it in and out of the boat. A little extra room for gloves and other gear is a bonus. Traveling or not, a waterski bag is a great place to keep everything you need for a set neatly in one place. Here’s a couple of our favorite bags.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into the world of water skiing, remember: every wave holds a new adventure. So, gear up, hit the water, and let the thrill of skiing on waves carry you into unforgettable moments and endless fun!

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