With tons of gear out there it can be hard to narrow down the perfect gift for the waterskier, wakeboarder, or wakesurfer in your life. Let’s run through some of our favorite gift’s ideas for those who just can’t stop thinking about being out on the water.

1. Boots

All wakeboarders and water-skiers know the feeling of a comfortable new boot, which is what makes this a perfect gift to give. From beginner to advanced skiers and wakeboarders, a new pair of boots will surely put a smile on their face. Need some ideas? Check out our blogs on waterski and wakeboard boots below.

2. Life Jacket

Almost every water sports enthusiast is guilty of using their life jacket past its prime, and this is where you can surprise your loved one with a comfy new vest. Every year manufacturers find a way to make life jackets more comfortable and incorporate cool new designs and patterns. You can browse our entire selection of life jackets below, just make sure to note the size you are getting, and whether or not the vest is coast guard approved.

3. Gloves

For the water-skiers out there a fresh pair of gloves will be a welcomed gift when springtime comes around. Having a comfortable pair of gloves to grip the handle with might just be what you need to get a new PB, or at least we can pretend it is! Gloves make a great stocking stuffer that won’t break the bank.

4. Apparel

An easy gift to get that water sports enthusiast in your life is a new t-shirt, pair of socks, or a hat from their favorite brand. You rarely see watersports brands apparel in stores so these new threads would be a welcomed surprise on Christmas morning.

5. Travel Bag

It’s a good idea to keep your wakeboards, waterskis, and wakesurfers in a bag when you’re travelling around with them. Planning any trips? Consider a more heavy-duty bag, or even one with wheels.

6. Changing Towel

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, a changing towel is one of those things that once you use it you can’t believe you ever lived without it. Whether you need to quickly change in the parking lot at your local cable park, or want to stay warm after a set on the boat, a changing towel is a perfect addition to anyone’s gear bag.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into the world of water skiing, remember: every wave holds a new adventure. So, gear up, hit the water, and let the thrill of skiing on waves carry you into unforgettable moments and endless fun!

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